1242 - Gateway to the west movie

When Genghis Khan's army invades Europe led by Batu Khan in 1242 it does not expect that a Hungarian castle and canon will stop it.

Batu khan - Bold Choimbol

Bold Choimbol

Batu khan
Mongol ruler, grandson of Genghis Khan.
Historical character.

Eusebius of Esztergom - Jeremy Neumark Jones

Jeremy Neumark Jones

Eusebius of Esztergom
Hungarian canon, hermit and the founder of the Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit.
Historical character.

Cardinal Cesareani - Ray Stevenson

Ray Stevenson

Cardinal Cesareani 
Papal legate from Rome.

Commander Simon - Neil Stuke

Neil Stuke

Commander Simon
Castle captain.
Historical character.

Sycardius - David Schofield

David Schofield


Captain Ákos - Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Captain Ákos
The leader of the castle defenders.

Old crusader - Michael Ironside

Michael Ironside

Old crusader

Mongolian shaman - Tserenbold Tsegmid

Tserenbold Tsegmid

Mongolian shaman

Khahi - Barslkhagva Barsa

Baslkhagva Batbold

Mongolian warlord.

Prince Güyük - Battur P.

Battur Purevdavaa

Prince Guyuk
Mongol ruler, grandson of Genghis Khan - like Batu khan.
Historical character.

Prince Buri - Bayarbat Mishigdorj

Bayarbat Mishigdorj

Prince Büri
Mongolian prince, commander.
Historical character.

Uulen - Genevieve Florence

Genevieve Florence

Batu's concubine.

Bacsó - Tam Williams

Tam Williams

Hungarian soldier from Esztergom.

Kangar, the cuman assassin

András Stohl

Cuman assassin. 

Csikasz - Farid Elouardi

Farid Elouardi

Leader of cuman warriors. 

Warrior Gergely - Zsolt László

Zsolt László

Warrior Gergely
Castle defender.

Béla IV of Hungary - László Mátray

László Mátray

Béla IV of Hungary
King of Hungary and Croatia between A.D. 1235 and 1270. Historical character.

Subutai - Gombo Zolboot

Gombo Zolboot

Mongol general and the primary military strategist. Historical character.

Scrivener - György Bajomi Nagy

György Bajomi Nagy


Lawman - Bayar Branzagch

Bayar Branzagch


When the Kingdom of Hungary's army was annihilated by the Mongols at the battle of Mohi, only the castle of Esztergom now stood in the Mongolians' way of invading the rest of Europe. Khan Batu, the grandson of Genghis Khan, reaches the walls of Esztergom with his invincible troops. The castle's defenders, led by Eusebius, the Canon of Esztergom, and a Spanish mercenary, Captain Simon, are preparing for the final battle. The sudden arrival of Cardinal Cesareani, the Papal Legate, coinciding with the Mongol Lunar New Year celebrations and the mystical practices of Eusebius, combine to offer the defenders a small glimmer of hope. 

Joan Lane

Péter Soós


Balázs István Balázs

director of photography

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Director: Péter Soós
Director of Photography: Balázs István Balázs

Writer: Áron Horváth
Writer: Joan Lane
Co-writer: István Mészáros

Producer: Kornél Sipos (HU)
Producer: Bill Chamberlain (GB)
Producer: Carlos Alperin (AU)
Producer: Bayar Banzragch (MN)
Producer: Dóra Farkas (HU)
Executive Producer: Tim Smith
Executve Producer: Paul Brett
Executive Producer: Bumchin Namshir
Executive Producer: Zsigmond Farkas

Production Designer: Zsuzsanna Borvendég
Costume Designer Györgyi Szakács
Head of Make up: Barbara Kund
Head of Hair: Lázár József
Gaffer: Sándor Vida

Music: Mike Moran
Editor: Kant Pan
Casting UK: Gillian Hawser

Main Unit 1stAD: László Kádár
Unit Production Manager: Károly Rozsnyay
Line producer: Edit Hudák
Unit manager: Péter Szekeres
Production Coordinator: Sára Hévei

Visual effects supervisor: SPIGI (Istvan Vajda)

Key grip: Ferenc Szalontay

Sound designer: Glenn Freemantle
Music supervisor: Jason Alexander
Sound mixer: Richard Pryke
Sound record: Robert Juhasz

Stunt Coordinator / Action Director: Mandakh Naranbaatar
Stunt Coordinator: Zoltán Gulyás-Kiss
Stunt Coordinator: Tsogtkhuu Shavir

2nd Unit Director: Robert Pajer
2nd Unit DOP: Csaba Hámory
2nd Unit 1stAd: Attila Mercel

Unit Publicist: Gregg Brilliant

2024 autumn

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1242 - Gateway to the west is a Hungarian - English - Australian - Mongolian film Co-Production. 
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